Traffic Engineering Plan
Designed and Stamped Traffic Engineering Plan
(Stamped by Licensed Civil Engineer)

Coordination with DOTD permitting office  to acquire approval for road closures and detours.

Traffic Plan Acceptance
Acquired approval of Traffic Engineering Plan from Louisiana DOTD Inspectors and Law Enforcement.

Provide proof of crash-test certification of traffic control devices (WZ Certificates).
Creation of daily Traffic Control Diary.

Community Messaging
Setup of Dynamic Message Boards prior to project kickoff to warn motorists of upcoming project.

Mobilization of Traffic Control Team
Workers staged at the work zone.
(Certified Traffic Control Supervisors & Technicians)

Staging and Readiness
Staging of Traffic Control Devices and Equipment for deployment.

Installation of Traffic Control Devices as designed in the Traffic Control Plan.

Lane Closures and Detours
Deployment of Lane Closure and Detour signs & materials as specified in the traffic control plan.

Effective Communication
Consistent communication with project manager to adjust device placement as needed.

Subject-Matter-Expert Liaison
Liaison to the local sheriff’s department to provide documentation of approval to alter traffic flow.

Device Removal and Cleanup
Removal of traffic control devices and safe reinstatement of normal traffic flow.

Field Based Services
Available in Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, & Arkansas

Engineering Design Services
Available in continental USA