Carla Maynard

Carla Maynard graduated from Louisiana Tech University with a degree in Civil Engineering in 1996.  She worked for the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development for 14 years as a Traffic Engineer and Project Engineer on highway construction projects where she helped design the first set of Traffic Control Standards (TC sheets) for them. 

Carla is a licensed and accredited civil engineer in multiple states including Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas and Mississippi.  She is also certified by ATSSA as a Traffic Control Designer, and she ensures that all of her employees are certified Traffic Control Technicians and Traffic Control Supervisors. Because of her expertise in traffic engineering, Carla helps customers design traffic-control plans for their construction projects, and she takes the guess-work out of what can be an overwhelming task of creating traffic diagrams that adhere to current safety regulations.

Carla demonstrates excellence in leadership by establishing a trusting, collaborative and respectful workplace where employees feel empowered to express themselves in a way that has a positive effect on their personal future as well as the future of Acacia Industries.


At Acacia, our team is committed to our Mission and Core Values. We embrace our common purpose and are united in working together to achieve our goals.


Our team is comprised of dedicated, hard-working professionals. Many are certified by the American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA).
Others are Licensed Civil Engineers accredited by the US Department of Transportation and Development.

Clint Maynard

Clint Maynard has been married to Carla since 2006 when he was the sole proprietor of a successful lawn care company.  Clint decided to sell his business in 2010 and help Carla start Acacia Industries.  His experience in working crews and maintaining equipment has proven to be invaluable.  Clint retains his Traffic Control Supervisor certification while he manages the entire fleet of electronic traffic control devices, service trucks, and other major heavy equipment.  Clint has been able to create and weld apparatuses that we use to do our work more quickly and efficiently, and he also stays “on top” of the equipment issues that always develop as our fleet of trucks and devices continues to age and multiply. 

In addition, Clint serves as the supervisor and trainer for all of employees.  He is the principal liaison between our customers in the field and our employees.  He is a pivotal piece of our operation since he is fully aware of every piece of equipment’s maintenance schedule, and he is even more aware of each employee and their personal needs and future with Acacia Industries.