Material Type
Retro-reflective microprisms formed on a flexible glossy and UV-stabilized polymeric film.
For use in construction work-zones and emergency traffic control.
Daytime and Nighttime Use.

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Corner Pockets
Durable corner pocket holds sign in place & adds durability.
Quick and easy set-up and removal of Roll-Up signs.
Corner pockets have a lifetime warranty.

Auto-Latch Bracket
The corner pocket easily snaps into Auto-Latch.
The quick release lever allows easy sign removal.

Anti-Kiting Device
The pre-coated nylon strap attaches to the sign and rib assembly.
Eliminates the sail effect into oncoming traffic.

Heavy Duty Ribs
Made of Fiberglass

Legend Identification
Sign Legend typed on perimeter for identification when rolled up.

Storage Strap
The hook and loop sign storage strap assures that the Roll-Up sign will remain rolled up during storage.