• Maintenance-free batteries
• Consumes 66% less power
• Sealed batteries will not leak or spill
• Decreased charging time saves energy & downtime

• Self-contained power supply
• No need to run vehicle engine to operate arrow board
• Full height over 10 feet tall for excellent visibility
• Display pivots 90 degrees to stow for storage and travel
• Controller with 30-foot cable
• Automatic dimming further conserves power
• 50-watt solar charging system with charge indicator
• Arrow display has automatic and manual dimming
• Meets MUTCD, NTPEP tested

Lamp Options:
15 lamps with 7 arrow display modes
25 lamps with 12 arrow display modes

Height Options:
Standard Profile
Low Profile

Standard Skid:   540 lbs
Low-profile Skid: 520 lbs