Portable LED light tower with noiseless automatic solar‑charging power system. Charged batteries provide light for 40 hours. (More-with solar charging) Provides light without noise, and without an external power supply. Lights can be raised to 16.5 feet. Lights an area of over 1000 sq ft. Powered by batteries. Charged automatically via solar panels. Portable and easy to deploy. Features: Bright, wide-angle light pattern Telescoping four-section mast Noiseless battery power lasts for days Manual or automatic photocell-controlled on/off Automatic solar charging Common Applications: Special events Neighborhoods Rural & hard-to-reach areas Emergency response Crime scenes Accident investigation Utility repairs Construction & work sites Temporary security Military applications Specifications: Lamps: 4 or 8 wide-angle light-engines in 2 or 4 light fixtures 14,000 or 28,000 total lumens (Approx. 7000 lumens per light fixture) Power: Batteries 840 Ah Solar 390 W Charger 45 Amp Dimensions (Inches): Height: 16.5 ft. when fully extended Deployed 147 L x 80 W x 223 H Travel position 147 L x 80 W x 108 H Weight: 1550 lbs.